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Trading time is a very important aspect that you have to take into account if you are thinking of operating, because depending on the site you are on when you want to start operating, it can be very beneficial or, conversely, not good for you. This feature It’s classified this way because stock markets around the world open and close at specific times, which obviously depends on where you are; especially in the forex usa market where there are different time zones, determined according to the states of the country.

Likewise, the most famous stock exchanges in the world are open at specific specific times, another schedule to consider is the point of time when a large number of investors concentrate, move to the forex usa market, and generate high trading volume during this period.

Forex usa

US Forex Hours

Below, through a series of explanatory tables, you will be able to see the opening and closing times of the world’s most important currency and foreign exchange markets, adjusted for different times in the United States, usually: Pacific (GMT- 7 ), Mountain (GMT -6), Central (GMT -5) and Eastern (GMT -4).


riceForeign exchange marketvolumeopening ceremonyclosure
GMT Pacific Time GMT-7GMT Pacific Time GMT-7
New Yorktwenty%12:006 o’clock20:0013:00
Tokyo6%23:00Five p.m7:002:00
sydney4%22:004:00 PM.6 o’clock1:00

Mountain Standard Time (Mountain Standard Time)

riceForeign exchange marketvolumeopening ceremonyclosure
GMT Time Mountain GMT-6GMT Time Mountain GMT-6
New Yorktwenty%12:007:0020:004:00 PM.
sydney4%22:00Five p.m6 o’clock2:00

Central Standard Time (Central Standard Time)

riceForeign exchange marketvolumeopening ceremonyclosure
GMT Central Time GMT-5GMT Central Time GMT-5
New Yorktwenty%12:008:0020:00Five p.m
Tokyo6%23:007:00 p.m.7:004:00
sydney4%22:0018:006 o’clock3:00

Eastern Standard Time (Eastern Standard Time)

riceForeign exchange marketvolumeopening ceremonyclosure
GMT Eastern Time GMT-4GMT Eastern Time GMT-4
New Yorktwenty%12:009:0020:0018:00
Tokyo6%23:0020:007:005 o’clock
sydney4%22:007:00 p.m.6 o’clock4:00

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Best Forex Hours in the U.S.

In addition to the shifts mentioned in the previous section, there are other shifts that are considered by experts to be the most important because of the time intervals among these shifts for which there is a common factor that they are open at the same time. The most important market in the world, As well as a large number of traders operating, representing a great possibility of obtaining a favorable balance.

The common features of the foreign exchange market in different time zones of the United States are as follows:


overlappingGMT Pacific Time GMT-7
London and New York 12:00-16:0006:00-11:00
tokyo and london07:00 – 08:0001:00 – 2:00
Sydney and Tokyo23:00-7:0016:00-1:00

Mountain Standard Time (Mountain Standard Time)

overlappingGMT Time Mountain GMT-6
London and New York 12:00-16:0007:00-12:00
tokyo and london07:00 – 08:002:00-3:00
Sydney and Tokyo23:00-7:0018:00-2:00

Central Standard Time (Central Standard Time)

overlappingGMT Central Time GMT-5
London and New York 12:00-16:0008:00-13:00
tokyo and london07:00 – 08:003:00-4:00
Sydney and Tokyo23:00-7:007:00pm – 3:00am

Eastern Standard Time (Eastern Standard Time)

overlappingGMT Eastern Time GMT-4
London and New York 12:00-16:0009:00-14:00
tokyo and london07:00 – 08:004:00-5:00
Sydney and Tokyo23:00-7:0020:00-4:00

Based on the data in the previous table, the following can be deduced: the best time for forex trading is determined by the overlap that exists when the London and New York markets are open, where the number of traders is the largest, and the number of traders in these markets is higher compared to other markets. The importance is 55%.

Best time to operate if you are in the following time zones Pacific Ocean Between 06:00 AM and 11:00 AM; if you are in the time zone the mountains The best time is from 07:00 to 12:00 in the morning.About standard time central Overlap points are made between 08:00 am and 01:00 pm; last in time zone East Presenting his best moments between 9:00 am and 02:00 pm.